Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fake notes with funny labels available at Nabha shops

Fake notes

The objective behind these ‘currency notes’ appear to be ‘fun’ if one goes by the wordings on them, but they are misleading enough to take somebody for a drive. Near-identical samples of forex notices of Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 denomination are readily available at toy and invitations stores here.

Even as these notices bring crazy brands that distinguish them from the actual ones, the dimension, shapes and shade mixture are so ideal that they don’t capture doubt at first look.

A mature informed this correspondent: “A Rs 500 observe was relaxing on the fridge, which I provided to the paper hawker. He came back after an time and said that I had given him a bogus observe. My grand son informed that he had purchased from a invitations go shopping for Rs 1.”

When this reporter examined in the industry, the notices were being marketed at a few invitations and toy stores. The notices are branded as “Children Financial institution of India”, “Churan Label” and other crazy wordings. Since people are not completely acquainted to the experience of the new notices, they can simply be befooled using these notices. “There is a good requirement for these notices. Kids and grownups both buy them. I have marketed around 15 packages,” said a retailer.

“If toy creating organizations can make such samples, anti-social components are likely to do much better job to generate the bogus. The statements of the federal govt that demonetisation will battle counterfeiting have dropped smooth,” Randeep Singh Nabha, The legislature MLA from Amloh, said.

“The govt should have printed out the forex notices using innovative protection measures at least,” said AAP innovator Gian Singh

When Nabha DSP Jaskeerat Singh was approached and proven the notices, he said, “However the brands do understand, the issue is serious since it’s simple to use them in deal at fuel pushes or black locations like road meals providers who set their booths at night.” He said he will examine what they can do lawfully and examine what lawful conditions are there to confirm this. “The cops will need guidelines from greater regulators in confiscating these notices from the industry,” he said.

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