Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Christchurch woman thought mail thefts were ‘funny’

A Christchurch woman stole mail from 104 letterboxes in rural Canterbury. (Stock image)

A female thought it was crazy to grab email from 104 letterboxes across Canterbury but later experienced bad about her harmful, a judge has heard.

The jobless Christchurch lady has been provided name reduction after asking accountable to robbery in the Christchurch Region Court on Wed.

She told cops she thought it was crazy while she was choosing the robberies, but experienced bad afterwards.

The 34-year-old confessed taking email from non-urban qualities between Sept 28 and Oct 10.

She was captured in Doyleston, south of Christchurch, on Oct 11, after a citizen identified her starting letterboxes in Western Melton the day before.

The citizen pursued your girlfriend car, took down the number plate, and revealed it to cops.

Police da Aja Trinder said the girl forced around North Canterbury, Selwyn, and the borders of Christchurch during the day time, taking email and mail offers from 104 mail boxes.

Among the items thieved were bank claims and bank cards, company receipts, cheques, signing up brands, compensate bank cards, personal characters, catalogues and property bought online. The total value was $623.

When cops captured her, most of the email was discovered not opened at her home and in the car she used.

The lady will be sentenced on May 22.

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