Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Vikas is the funny one and Param is the serious one says Niti Taylor of Ghulam

Celebrity Niti Taylor is soon going to be seen in the display Ghulaam. Niti is combined reverse Param Singh and Vikas Manaktala in the display. Ghulaam is one of the most expected reveals of this season and Niti has something to discuss with us about her capturing encounters.

While focusing on the display, Niti and Vikas have insured really well. Both of them have a lot of fun on the places and are always seen kidding around. While Param is said to be the serious one on the places.

"I am more helpful with Vikas, We are always kidding around and having fun all plenty of your time. Vikas is the crazy one and Param is the serious one. He is always in personality. he is very serious at moments! But I think he will start up too." Said Niti.
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Param Singh gives us 5 factors to observe Ghulaam
We also talked to Param about the same who said, "My personality is not like the ones i have done before. This personality is very serious and i have to be in personality. it is a little hard me to get in the atmosphere because Ghulaam is distinct from me. So once im in the area, I remain in personality. Its not like i don't laugh around, sometimes I do but i will never let anything impact my efficiency on the display."

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