Thursday, 5 January 2017

From thinking Gmail was hoax to funny college incidents: Excerpts from Google CEO Sundar Pichai's talk at

Image result for From thinking Gmail was hoax to funny college incidents: Excerpts from Google CEO Sundar Pichai's talk at

After introducing the Electronic Revealed effort for Native indian method and small companies (SMB), Search engines CEO Sundar Pichai on Friday frequented his alma mater IIT-Kharagpur. Pichai, who is currently in Native indian on a work and personal visit mentioned about his time at IIT-KGP and Search engines in addition to taking stay concerns. At IIT-Kharagpur, Pichai responded to concerns from learners at an open-air cinema in the university.

The Chennai created CEO mentioned his life on university in a meeting named 'A trip returning to the past to motivate the future'. The case, which was joined by over 3,500 learners, was streaming stay by Search engines on YouTube. Discussing about how factors have changed in terms of technology, Pichai said, "The rate at which factors have been advancing in Native indian is incredible."

"We did not have mobile phones in those days. I remember awaiting quite a long a chance to get a turning phone at home. Was missing access to computer systems increasing up. Clearly the improvement has been incredible," included the Search engines CEO. "I am fully assured that Native indian will be a international player when it comes to digital financial systems. We are increasing well as a nation and will not be behind any nation, even the most innovative ones when it comes to digitisation and digital financial systems," he said.

Pichai was questioned by Search engines on Apr Fool's day in 2004. Revealing that it was just then that the company had presented it email service Googlemail, he think it is an Apr Fool's laugh and it was not until midway through the process that he noticed it was a genuine thing.

Recalling a crazy occurrence during the higher education days Pichai said, "I did not know Hindi too well when I came here from Chennai. I believed "abbey saale!" was a way to out to people. I learned Hindi in higher education." On being inquired about how he met his better half, Pichai said, "I met Anjali at IIT-K and she was my classmate. Just to go get someone at the girl's hostel, you had to walk in the front as well as someone to them. And they'd go in and fully say Anjali, Sundar is here. It was not exactly a enjoyable experience," he said.

Talking about how Bing is operating on products for the nation that can be extended worldwide, he said, "We look forward to less expensive mobile phones in Native indian. In the $30 segment for basic mobile phones. We at Search engines want to focus on use of Internet in non-urban areas in Native indian. We are big followers of the Electronic Native indian program. We are also operating on digitizing payments," included Pichai.

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