Friday, 9 December 2016

Joe Haden on Browns' laughingstock status: 'Nothing you can do but go win'

BEREA, Oh -- Joe Haden achieved his restrict when he saw that your personal pc simulator this 7 days had the School of Al defeating the Cleveland Brown colours 34-0.

The simulator, run by Bleacher Review, was crazy to some.

It was not to the protecting back again Haden or any of his Brown colours team members, who have fought through a winless season in Cleveland.

"Comparing an excellent group to an NFL group -- it's disrespectful," Haden said Saturday.

Late-night discuss display serves Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert are having fun at the Browns' cost, and a fan is creating a "Perfect Season Parade" if the group completes 0-16.

"I've never been in a scenario like this where we're basically the laughingstock of every laugh," Haden said.

Haden talked the disappointment experienced by every gamer and trainer in an extended and challenging season. The Brown colours are trying to prevent becoming the second group in NFL record to go 0-16, and every reduction requires a bit out of everyone.

A Brown colours fan known as Frank McNeil has organized the celebration around FIrstEnergy Ground. McNeil has met with the town of Cleveland about allows and as of Saturday, 4,500 records had examined "going" on the parade's Facebook or myspace website.

"It's dreadful," Haden said. "You're referring to an 0-16 celebration. ... It's very, very challenging. It strikes you right between the sight. Because I'm on the group, there's something I can do about it."

The simulated activity, to him, was "the most severe factor I've ever seen."

"That's a punch in the experience area," Haden said. "It creates you very disappointed. That's just a punch in the experience area. It does not create any feeling. Al is excellent. They've got awesome gamers. They've got gamers who are going to try out in the NFL. We've got a group complete of NFL people."

Players have seen trainer Hue Knutson nearly digest at a postgame information meeting when he known as being 0-12 "the toughest factor ever."

Running back again Fight it out Brown merely shaken his go and said there was no way to put into terms what it's like to be 0-12. Phil Hawkins tried.

"It's different," the recipient said.

Hawkins does not focus on the exterior disturbance. He said he was not conscious of the late-night humor or the celebration.

"Appreciate the upgrade," he said with a grin.

Once he observed of the simulated ranking against the Violet Trend, Hawkins basically, "Sweet."

Haden said he can't observe activities features or almost any activity without listening to a Brown colours laugh.

"And you're listening to it from everywhere," Haden said. "Everybody is providing it to you. There's nothing you can do but go win. There's nothing that can modify this but successful. Until we get that modified, we're going to be the laughingstock."

Haden has created Cleveland his house and is well-liked in town, but he said he's not going out in community nowadays.

"Why would I go out?" Haden said. "Everybody in Cleveland, they identify me. I'm an experienced sportsman in the town of Cleveland. When it's not the season, I'm clinging out. It's just so less challenging to be able to discuss. But now, there's really nothing to say."

Sunday will create 364 times since the Brown colours last won a activity, a 24-10 success over the San Francisco 49ers on Dec. 13, 2015. That success came with Arthur Manziel at qb. The only chance going winless for a twelve month would be to overcome the Bengals on Weekend.

But Haden does not see that as inspiration.

"There's no more types of inspiration, bro," Haden said. "We keep dropping all the activities. You have to win a activity. No other hidden inspiration can allow you to go more complicated, perform more complicated, do anything.

"It's like we're getting smacked in the experience area. Our trainer ... We got to go get a win for him. We missing 364 times in a row. We got to get a win.

"We have not won a preseason activity this season. We have not won anything. It's like, we keep dropping. You got to go out and win."

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